Why The Cat's Meow?

I could make it seem like this is a big company with a large suite of offices and lots of people running around, but that doesn't really seem necessary these days.

The Cat's Meow Creative is just me, Catherine Benoit, or Cat, for short.

What could I possibly do for you? Well, a lot.

I have done the 'big agency' thing and watched many a client pay way too much for all those people running around when all the client really wanted was what I was giving them - great creative that gets results.

So some colleagues and I decided to venture out on our own and maintain our working relationships through collaboration. Exactly who comes together for a given project depends on the particular expertise a client needs. My skills include strategy, concept, design and art direction that are required for most marketing materials. If you need a brochure, annual report, direct mail piece, print ad or poster developed, I'm your gal. The copywriters I work with specialize in a variety of disciplines:
Direct mail
Planned giving
Business to business
Public relations
and the list goes on.

I also work with those analytical types who like to crunch numbers, merge and purge lists and other boring - but still very important - things.

The point is, whatever you need for your marketing I can handle it - from start to finish and for a much more attractive price than you'd pay for big agencies.

So why call The Cat's Meow? Isn't it purrrr-fectly obvious?